The PI Committee has recently created PI Wallet Cards which have now gone into production and are being distributed to CoDA Meetings. The artwork will be posted on this page to view shortly…

If you would like to order an introductory batch of these cards to be sent to your CoDA meeting or if you would like to request the artwork so that your CoDA meeting can print their own cards then please contact: publicinformation @ use the usual @ for email addresses. We have written it as AT to prevent spam trawlers)

If you have any feedback or suggestions regarding the design and content of the card please email the PI Committee.

The PI Committee are suggesting that these wallet cards can be distributed to: doctors surgeries, therapy centres, rehab centres, other 12 step fellowships, notice boards and any other relevant public venue. We request that you ask permission of the owner before placing the cards in a public venue.

If you are an outside entity and would like information on how to obtain some of these cards or further information on our Public Information work then please contact the email address above.

If you wish to obtain further information about CoDA UK for use in any publication or public material, please make sure that you contact us by email first so that we can inform you of our policy of Anonymity and the Traditions that relate to any use of the CoDA UK name by outside sources.