Calling All CoDA London South East Region Members…


For All CoDA, London and South East Region GSRs, Meetings Contacts or Meeting Members Only,


Since May 2018 the CoDA London South Region (LSER) Committee has been dormant and had to be merged with CoDA’s National Steering Committee (NSC). Recently in January 2020, some members within the CoDA LSER expressed a strong desire to revive the LSER committee.


CoDA LSER consists of 55 meetings, most of whom contribute each month to intergroup to support the starting of new meetings, workshops, book study days and to support additional CoDA LSER fellowship needs. However, without a LSER Committee this is very difficult to organise.


The few CoDA LSER members that are keen to revive the LSER Committee would like to reach out to all LSER members (GSRs, Meeting Contacts and Meeting Members) with the hope of finding other LSER CoDA Members in the 55 LSER meetings to help revive the LSER Committee. The inital plan is to meet over a cup of coffee once every few months to discuss how you find your meetings? Are you or other meeting members you know working the steps? Would you or your meeting members be interested in holding CoDA literature study days throughout the year? What challenges does your meeting face? Would you be interested in being part of a small team to setup LSER workshops, weekend retreats with the LSER, sponsorship workshops to aid yours and others Codependence recovery?


Taking part is really beneficial for your personal recovery as you’re probably aware in the CoDA fellowship both working the CoDA program and recovery through service are paramount.


If you are interested in taking part in initial discussions, meeting more CoDA members and serving the wider LSER CoDA fellowship, then we would love to hear from you.

Please send an email to:


Should the response be strong, a LSER committee with a secretary, treasurer, and other service positions will be formed allowing for a meeting room to be rented.


Please help us spread the word by making your CoDA LSER friends and the meetings you attend aware of this.


We really look forward to hearing from you.


In Fellowship

CoDA LSER Communications Secretary