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We no longer have a telephone number or postal address.
Please amend any group literature to remove old phone numbers and / or postal address details.


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To register a new meeting (including Online meetings),

OR to add online details to an existing meeting,

please complete our new meeting registration form

and follow the instructions on the form.

Alternatively, to update OR remove an existing meeting,

please send brief details of the change(s) to:


CoDA UK literature


CoDA Sponsorship
Sponsors note: There are always lots of sponsees looking for sponsors and we can put you in touch with each other.


Queries about CoDA shares


Public Information Committee


News and Events

Note: Use the email address on the flyer for workshops, events and retreats, as a secondary option send a message to:


Website queries
(not relating to adding, removing or updating meeting details)


London South East Region


North Region (including Scotland and Wales)


NSC Communications Secretary


NSC Treasurer 

For all NSC treasury queries or

If your enquiry is about how to send your meeting’s contributions to CoDA UK


Prior to contacting CoDA UK please refer to the following list of commonly asked questions below which may help with your enquiry:


If your enquiry is about your literature order,

please visit coda literature orders


If your enquiry is about a poster to advertise your meeting, please click here to print one – there is space to add your own meeting’s contact details and location.


If your enquiry is about submitting an event to be published on the events page, please contact the NSC Communications Secretary: