National Service Committee (NSC)


The NSC are the trusted servants of CoDA UK, meeting quarterly to discuss issues raised by the groups and matters affecting CoDA as a whole. One of their meetings is the Annual General Meeting (AGM). At the February 2010 AGM, the following service positions were elected: Secretary, Treasurer, Literature, Internal Communications, Webmaster, General Committee members. These members will serve as the NSC until the next AGM.


All members of CoDA UK are welcome at NSC meetings but only the committee are able to vote on any issues. Groups and regions are free to raise issues with the NSC and to send along a Group Service Representative (GSR).


Details of when NSC meetings are held appear on our Events page, with the meeting agenda appearing at least a week in advance on our NSC Meeting Agenda page.


CoDA UK pays travel expenses for the NSC members; other members have their expenses paid by their groups. To see what other positions are available on the NSC, please visit our Service Positions Page. Any CoDA member is welcome to volunteer for relevant posts at any time during the year.




These are regional groups formed by the meetings in parts of the UK to discuss issues raised by local meetings before taking them to the NSC, and to organise social events and workshops within their area. For further information see : CoDA Regions

CoDA Bournemouth group has expressed an interest in forming a South West regional group and If you would like to assist in this endeavour please send an email directly to the Bournemouth group: