10:30 am Birmingham/Digbeth Changes UK/Recovery Academy, 8 Allcock St Midlands
Noon Bridport Women's Meeting Unitarian Chapel in The Garden, 49 East St South West
12:15 pm Lowestoft 60 Plus Club, Clapham Road Clapham Rd S South East
12:15 pm Woodbridge Woodbridge Methodist Church, St John's St South East
6:00 pm Six in the City NEW VENUE St Michael Cornhill, St Michael's Alley London
6:00 pm Jersey The Clubhouse, Rue de Funchal South West
7:00 pm Aberaeron/West Wales Aberaeron Church Hall, Bellevue Gardens & Harbour Ln Wales
7:00 pm Wellington, Shropshire monthly meeting Arleston Community Centre, 22 St Giles Cl Midlands
7:00 pm Exeter Carpenter Close, 14 Mary Arches St South West
7:15 pm Wells Unit 2/Keward Mill Trading Estate, 2 South West
7:30 pm Birmingham Skype Group (service needed) HOW TO JOIN You can do this at any time between meetings/but responses may be very slow until the day of the meeting. Joining consists of 2 stages: 1. getting accepted on to the Contacts list/then 2. joining the meeting on the day. You will need to have access to a device with an up-to-date Skype app (group call may not work otherwise). If you don't already have a Skype account/you will need to create one. You could choose a Skype Name (for being listed in Contacts) that maintains your anonymity. There is further information on how to use Skype here: https://bit.ly/2pTYk0R Open Skype/search for the Listing/Directory name: CoDA SkypeBirminghamUK or the Log-in: birminghamukcodaskype and send a contact request (this means being added to the Contacts List/not joining a specific meeting/conversation). Please do this a few days or hours ahead of the meeting/as once the group call is underway/it isn't possible to join up new people. You can then message to confirm you wish to join a particular meeting ('conversation') and on the day of the meeting/you would simply need to answer the call to join/if you receive one/or click on the date-appropriate meeting (check the date!) HINTS FOR PARTICIPATING IN THE SKYPE MEETING/CONVERSATION This Skype meeting uses a set meeting format (like all 12-step; groups). We will ask for volunteers to read aloud passages of the format/which will be posted up as needed. Please disable your webcam (the visuals!) as the meeting is audio-only. Please also try to mute your microphone when not speaking (to reduce background noise). Oxford OX1 2JD Online
7:30 pm Redruth Illogan Highway Methodist Church/junction of Agar Road and Chili Road, Higher Fore St South West
7:30 pm Hinde Street Room 3/Hinde Street Methodist Church, 19 Thayer St London
7:30 pm Tunbridge Wells Tunbridge Wells United Reformed Church, 1 Mount Ephraim South East
8:00 pm East Finchley Step Ann Owens Centre, Oak Ln London
8:00 pm Chelmsford Room 2/Day Hospital Building, Stump Ln South East