10:30 am Birmingham/Digbeth Changes UK/Recovery Academy, 8 Allcock St Midlands
Noon Bridport Women's Meeting - switched to online as of 30th March - click for Zoom details Bridport Online Zoom Meeting, Meeting ID: 401 751 2206 49 East St Online
12:15 pm Lowestoft 60 Plus Club, Clapham Road Clapham Rd S South East
12:15 pm Woodbridge - Switched to online as of 27th March - click for Zoom details Woodbridge Online Zoom Meeting, Meeting ID: 795 500 766 St John's St Online
6:00 pm Six in the City - Switched to Zoom as of 25th March - click for details Six In The City Zoom Meeting, Meeting ID: 158 821 025 St Michael's Alley Online
6:00 pm Jersey The Clubhouse, Rue de Funchal South West
7:00 pm Aberaeron/West Wales Aberaeron Church Hall, Bellevue Gardens & Harbour Ln Wales
7:00 pm Exeter - SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE as of 18th March; online meeting to follow Carpenter Close, 14 Mary Arches St South West
7:15 pm Wells Unit 2/Keward Mill Trading Estate, 2 South West
7:30 pm Birmingham Skype Group (service needed) Click Meeting Name for details on how to join Oxford OX1 2JD Online
7:30 pm Hinde Street - Switched to online meeting as of 22nd March - click for details Hinde Street Online Zoom Meeting, Meeting ID: 300 997 200 19 Thayer St Online
7:30 pm Redruth Illogan Highway Methodist Church/junction of Agar Road and Chili Road, Higher Fore St South West
7:30 pm Tunbridge Wells Tunbridge Wells United Reformed Church, 1 Mount Ephraim South East
8:00 pm East Finchley Step - Switched to online as of 27th March - email contact for Zoom details East Finchley Online Zoom Meeting, Email Contact for Joining Details Oak Ln Online
8:00 pm Chelmsford Room 2/Day Hospital Building, Stump Ln South East