10:30 am Birmingham, Digbeth Changes UK, Recovery Academy, 8 Allcock St Midlands
Noon Bridport Women's Meeting Unitarian Chapel in The Garden, 49 East St South West
12:15 pm Lowestoft Over 60's Club?in?Clapham Road,? Clapham Rd S South East
12:15 pm Woodbridge Woodbridge Methodist Church, St John's St South East
6:00 pm Six in the City NEW VENUE St Michael Cornhill, St Michael's Alley London
6:00 pm Jersey The Clubhouse, The Clubhouse 14-16 Rue De Funchal St Helier Jersey South West
7:00 pm Aberaeron, West Wales Aberaeron Church Hall, Bellevue Gardens Wales
7:00 pm Exeter Carpenter Close, 14 Mary Arches St South West
7:15 pm Wells Unit 2, Keward Mill Trading Estate, 2 South West
7:30 pm Birmingham Skype Group (service needed) HOW TO JOIN You can do this at any time between meetings, but responses may be very slow until the day of the meeting. Joining consists of 2 stages: 1. getting accepted on to the Contacts list, then 2. joining the meeting on the day. You will need to have access to a device with an up-to-date Skype app (group call may not work otherwise). If you don't already have a Skype account, you will need to create one. You could choose a Skype Name (for being listed in Contacts) that maintains your anonymity. There is further information on how to use Skype here: https://bit.ly/2pTYk0R Open Skype, search for the Listing/Directory name: CoDA SkypeBirminghamUK or the Log-in: birminghamukcodaskype and send a contact request (this means being added to the Contacts List, not joining a specific meeting/conversation). Please do this a few days or hours ahead of the meeting, as once the group call is underway, it isn't possible to join up new people. You can then message to confirm you wish to join a particular meeting ('conversation') and on the day of the meeting, you would simply need to answer the call to join, if you receive one, or click on the date-appropriate meeting (check the date!) HINTS FOR PARTICIPATING IN THE SKYPE MEETING/CONVERSATION This Skype meeting uses a set meeting format (like all 12-step groups). We will ask for volunteers to read aloud passages of the format, which will be posted up as needed. Please disable your webcam (the visuals!) as the meeting is audio-only. Please also try to mute your microphone when not speaking (to reduce background noise). Heathrow Airport (LHR) Online
7:30 pm Redruth Illogan Highway Methodist Church, junction of Agar Road and Chili Road, Higher Fore St South West
7:30 pm Hinde Street Room 3, Hinde Street Methodist Church, Bond Street London
7:30 pm Tunbridge Wells Tunbridge Wells United Reformed Church, 1 Mount Ephraim South East
8:00 pm East Finchley Step Ann Owens Centre, Oak Ln London
8:00 pm Chelmsford Room 2, Day Hospital Building, Stump Ln South East