The Welcome of Co-Dependents Anonymous

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CoDA UK Communications – Stay in Touch!

If you are a UK CoDA Meeting GSR and you are not yet on the mailing list for communications from the CoDA UK NSC, or if your meeting does not have a GSR currently but you would like to nominate a meeting contact email then please email us on coda dot uk dot nsc at gmail dot com. Individual members are also welcome to joint the emailing list.

Next events

CoDA Shrewesbury Step Workshop

The next CoDA Shrewsbury Step Workshop will be on Steps 8 & 9 to be held on Sunday 15th September 2019 from 13:00-16:00 at the group’s usual meeting place – St Winefrides Convent College Hill SY1 1LS. All are welcome!

Please note you are welcome to bring a packed lunch to eat in the break. We usually try to provide a hot drink & biscuit.

Salisbury Autumn Retreat 2019: 

CoDA Retreat @ Sarum College,
20th – 22nd September 2019

Come and enjoy a weekend of CoDA recovery and fellowship at Sarum College, a beautiful and serene venue in the grounds of Salisbury Cathedral.

The retreat runs from 6pm on Friday until 3pm on Sunday and is open to men and women. Meeting topics (e.g. intimacy, letting go, etc) are agreed by delegates on Friday evening and include the steps, traditions and chairs.

Food and refreshments are provided. Accommodation is available on site in comfortable, modern bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms (as required). Day delegates are also welcome.

Dinner is served at 6.30pm on Friday, followed by the Welcome Ceremony. CoDA meetings take place all day Saturday and Sunday morning, with a social evening on Saturday.

There are a limited number of places available at reduced rate for those who are in receipt of certain benefits and, without assistance, would be unable to attend. If you think this applies to you, please email contact us using the button at the bottom of the page.


CoDA Sponsorship Workshops 2019

Are you looking for a sponsor?

Are you wondering if you’re ready to be a sponsor?

Are you interested in joining or setting up a step group?

Come along to listen and share your experience strength and hope about being a sponsee, a sponsor or being in a step group.

All welcome.

Next dates: 28 September 2019               30 November 2019

Format:          Two separate CoDA meetings with a 15 minutes break

Only CoDA speakers. Only CoDA approved literature. 

No entrance fee. 7th Tradition collection at each meeting.

Surplus goes to Region.

Time:              13:00   Meeting about One to One Sponsorship

                        14:30   Break

                        14:45   Meeting about Step Groups and Co-Sponsorship

                        15:45   Close. Self organising into sponsorship and step groups

                        16:00   Close

Location:      Waterloo Action Centre

14 Baylis Road, Lambeth, London, SE1 7AA

(Go into entrance on the left, into garden area, second door on the right.) Some people have been able to find free parking nearby on previous Saturday workshops.

Are you willing to do a 10 minute Chair, giving your experience strength and hope (ESH) working the steps as a Sponsor, being Sponsored, working in a Step Group, as a Co-Sponsor?

For any further questions, please contact: sponsorship (@)

(please remove the brackets from the email – this detail was added to prevent bots)

A copy of the latest flyer with full details is available at:


2 Separate Weekend Workshops: Liverpool & London

LONDON 19th – 20th OCTOBER, 2019
KEN & MARY on ‘Varied Topics from CoDA Blue Book
4 Separate Sessions Over Two Days • £15 Per Session
Early special: £50 all 4 Sessions Booked Early!
9.30am – 5.30pm Each Day

35 Park Road. Marylebone,
London NW1 6XT
LIVERPOOL 26th – 27th OCTOBER, 2019
KEN & MARY Working Through Complete
12 STEPS of CoDA in the Blue Book
Two Full Days in Entirety = Cost of £40
9.30am – 5.30pm Each Day

THE BRINK – 21 Parr Street
Liverpool L1 4JN



For Enquiries Telephone: 07792-236888
or email:

About CoDA UK – information for newcomers

Co-Dependents Anonymous (CoDA) is a set of informal self-help groups made up of men and women with a common interest in working through the problems that co-dependency has caused in their lives. CoDA is based on AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and uses an adapted version of their Twelve Steps and Traditions as a central part of its suggested
programme of recovery.

To attend CoDA meetings, all you need is the willingness to work at having healthy relationships. This means that all kinds of people attend meetings. Individual members can and do have differing political, religious and other affiliations, but since these are not relevant to the business of recovery from co-dependency, no comment is made about them.

All meetings begin with an introduction which usually includes the Twelve Steps and Traditions, a welcome to newcomers, and an explanation of the format the meeting will take. There may be a speaker, or a reading of a Step or a topic. The meeting is then open for people to share their experiences, feelings and recovery with the group. There is no obligation to share if you do not wish to, whether you are a newcomer or a long-established member. Each meeting usually incorporates a collection to cover the expenses of the group (eg hire of the meeting room) but CoDA is non-profit making. The meeting will end with a special prayer, called the Serenity Prayer. After the meeting, newcomers who would like more information can use this time to have their questions answered by more established members.

If you are new to CoDA, please read through all the information on this website, especially the page ‘Am I Codpendent’, and contact CoDA by email if you wish. The best way to get started is to choose a meeting from the list here, and simply go along. It is suggested, if you are new, that you go to at least six meetings to find out if CoDA is right for you. You do not need to ‘join’ formally – if you decide CoDA is for you, simply attending meetings makes you a member.

CoDA UK is, as the name suggests, the UK arm of a worldwide fellowship. Links to other countries’ organisations can be found on our links page.


We welcome you to Co-Dependents Anonymous, a program of recovery from codependence, where each of us may share our experience, strength, and hope in our efforts to find freedom where there has been bondage and peace where there has been turmoil in our relationships with
others and ourselves.

Most of us have been searching for ways to overcome the dilemmas of the conflicts in our relationships and our childhoods. Many of us were raised in families where addictions existed – some of us were not. In either case, we have found in each of our lives that codependence is a most deeply rooted compulsive behaviour and that it is born out of our sometimes moderately, sometimes extremely dysfunctional family systems. We have each experienced in our own ways the painful trauma of the emptiness of our childhood and relationships throughout our lives.

We attempted to use others – our mates, friends, and even our children, as our sole source of identity, value and well being, and as a way of trying to restore within us the emotional losses from our childhoods. Our histories may include other powerful addictions which at times we have used to cope with our codependence.

We have all learned to survive life, but in CoDA we are learning to live life. Through applying the Twelve Steps and principles found in CoDA to our daily life and relationships ­ both present and past – we can experience a new freedom from our self defeating lifestyles. It is an individual growth process. Each of us is growing at our own pace and will continue to do so as we remain open to God’s will for us on a daily basis. Our sharing is our way of identification and helps us to free the emotional bonds of our past and the compulsive control of our present.

No matter how traumatic your past or despairing your present may seem, there is hope for a new day in the program of Co-Dependents Anonymous. No longer do you need to rely on others as a power greater than yourself. May you instead find here a new strength within to be that which God intended – Precious and Free. 
The Welcome may not be reprinted or republished without the express written consent of Co-Dependents Anonymous, Inc. This document may be reprinted from the website (CoDA) for use by members of the CoDA Fellowship.